uShuffle music

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uShuffle music is a new app which allows you to watch or listen to millions of music videos on your mobile or tablet.

Giving you the ability to listen/watch the latest or older tracks/videos from ANY Artist or from any album.  Giving you the ability to search or select any new or old album and listen/watch all the Album tracks.

The music YOU love to listen to.

Welcome to uShuffle

uShuffle Music will be available to download soon on the Apple Store and Google Play.

About uShuffle

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Using uShuffle Music, perfect music for every moment is at your finger tips.  You can access uShuffle using any of your Android/IOS devices.

You can view and listen to millions of music videos and audio. Listen and watching your favorite  music which the industry has to offer.

You can search for any music video you wish to view and play that single video or just listen to the song, or you can start working with our clever playlists were you can start pulling together playlists from just your favorite artist or select multiple artists so uShuffle will return every track those artists have even performed or put a playlist together pulling in all your favorite albums so you can listen continuously to all the tracks.

uShuffle also allows you to multitask while still giving you the ability to view/listen to the music video using the uShuffle floating player.  If you what to use your phone to text someone or go on the internet, the floating player can appear which can move around the screen.

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