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uShuffle music is a new app which allows you to watch or listen to millions of music videos on your mobile or tablet.

Giving you the ability to listen/watch the latest or older tracks/videos from ANY Artist.  Also giving you the ability to search or select any new or old album and listen/watch all the Album tracks.

Search for any track, artist or album and listen or watch for free for 15 days, then only 99p per month or even cheaper if you pay 6 months or 12 months up front.

The music YOU love to listen to.

Using uShuffle Music, perfect music for every moment is at your finger tips.  You can access uShuffle using any of your Android/IOS devices.

You can view and listen to millions of music videos and audio. Listen and watching the latest music from the industry to viewing, chilling and listening to some oldies.

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