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About our new app

Our aim

Using uShuffle, your perfect music for every moment is at your finger tips.  You can access uShuffle Music using any of your Android/IOS devices.

You can view and listen to millions of Youtube music videos or audio. Listen and watching the latest music from the industry to viewing, chilling and listening to some oldies.

You can search for any music video you wish to view and play that single video or just listen to the song, or you can start working with our clever playlists were you can start pulling together playlists from just your favorite artists and groups or put a playlist together pulling in all your favorite albums.

uShuffle is just the first of our great ideas, we have plenty of new clever ideas which we will be adding in future app releases.


Our aim is provide you with a fresh way to view and listen to music videos and songs at a fraction of the cost however still using a very professional app and service.

Our customer service team are here all the time and will answer any questions you have related to our app.

We are always happy and eager to make our app better for our users, so if you have any suggestions please send them to us.  

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